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Non-Profit Spotlight: Pierce's Pantry: The Gluten-Free Food Bank

Mission: Gluten-free food is often four to six times as expensive as the regular equivalent. For patients with a medical diagnosis requiring a gluten-free diet, this can mean having to choose between hunger and health because gluten-free food is rarely available or non-existent in most pantries. Pierce's Pantry's mission is to supply emergency food relief to clients whose health depends upon a gluten-free diet.

On the web here



Pelham Island Bridge Update


The Pelham Island Road bridge will be closed on Feb. 27. Detour signs have been posted.

Starting Monday, the contractor will begin constructing the temporary utility bridge before relocating the water and gas lines. It is estimated this work will be complete on or about March 16, depending on several factors. These include National Grid’s completion of work on the gas main that needs to be relocated to allow for construction of the bridge, the condition of the river (no flooding is anticipated), and unforeseen situations and events. At that time, the bridge will temporarily reopen until an estimated date of April 16.

The MWRA, which controls the dam in Southborough, needs to repair the dam. In preparation for that work, they will be gradually releasing two billion gallons of water into the Sudbury River, with the release commencing on or shortly after Friday, March 2. The release is expected to be completed by April 15, at which time work can continue on the bridge replacement project beginning on April 16.

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