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Mission: to bring the yoga community together to create seva (selfless service). Through the gift of yoga, Yoga Reaches Out focuses on raising funds for organizations that impact the health, education, and well-being of children.

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Selectman Candidate Kamal Namou

Dear Fellow Wayland Resident,

On Tuesday, March 28 you will have an important decision to make; who will be the next elected selectman to represent your voice in our town government. My name is Kamal Namou, and I am running for a seat on the Wayland Board of Selectmen. I would greatly appreciate your support!

I am a lifelong Wayland resident and 2012 graduate of Wayland High School. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in Political Science, I have decided to work in law and government.

I am answering Bernie Sanders’ call to get involved and run for local office. In the words of Senator Sanders, “We need a new generation of people actively involved in public service who are prepared to provide the quality of life the American people deserve.” When we fail to answer the call, and get involved in the political process – even at the local level – democracy fails. However, when local government partners with a well-educated and informed citizenry, real and measurable progress is easy to achieve!

Incorporating the needs of both sides of the spectrum in Wayland is of primary importance to me. No one in our community – the young, or the young-at-heart – should worry that they will be underrepresented. You deserve to have the confidence that, as your selectman, I will help to shape this town into a place that best serves everyone’s needs. For example, new developments must be carefully considered to ensure a real and lasting benefit for residents, while also protecting the environment. Excess tax must be examined thoroughly so that the residents of Wayland know their money isn’t being wasted as free cash.

I am also running to inspire more young people to get involved. We must take part in the democratic process to create a stronger community. I am uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between generations by supporting more opportunities to bring everyone together. Wayland needs a transparent and impartial selectman on the board, who will listen to all residents about their concerns and needs. This is my way of giving back to the community that helped raised me, having lived in Wayland my entire life. Thank you for your vote on Tuesday, March 28!

How can I be of help to you? Please email me with your concerns and suggestions so I can help assist your cause at Or look for my platform on Thank you for your support of my candidacy!

Kamal Namou