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Disclosure: Waylandenews Executive Director Kim Reichelt is a member of the Wayland School Committee


Non-Profit Spotlight:
Sudbury-Wayland-Lincoln Domestic Violence Roundtable

Sudbury-Wayland-Lincoln Domestic Violence Roundtable is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization of men and women incorporated in 1999. The goal of the Roundtable is to raise awareness about the issue of domestic violence through community education and networking and to improve the coordination between public and private services for victims and families touched by domestic violence.

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2017 Annual Town Meeting Results

Media Coverage:

Articles Completed on Sunday, April 2

  1. Recognize Citizens and Employees for Particular Service to the Town.  Passed

  2. Pay Previous Fiscal Year Unpaid Bills.  Passed 86-2   (Motion by Cherry Karlson, under abbreviated procedure)

  3. Current Year Transfers.  Passed 108-6  (Motion by Cherry Karlson, under abbreviated procedure)

  4. OPEB Funding.  Passed 102-10 (Motion by Cherry Karlson, under abbreviated procedure)

  5. Revolving Fund Bylaw.  (Motion by Louis Jurist)

  • Motion 1 Passed 143-4.
  • Motion 2 Passed 136-9.
  1. FY 2018 Omnibus Budget
  • Motion 1:  Passed 181-44 (Motion by Dave Watkins)
    • Included amendment by Ellen Grieco to transfer funds from the salary reserve line to the school department budget to cover the teacher contract settlement (Passed 176-58)
    • An amendment proposed by Anette Lewis to decrease the reserve for salary settlement to 0 failed, 66-189
  • Motion 2-6 Passed 237-11 (Motion by Dave Watkins)
  • Motion 7:  Passed 223-34 (Motion by Carol Martin)
  1. Personnel Bylaws and Wage & Classification Plan.  Passed 247-17 (Motion by Miranda Jones)

  2. Compensation for Town Clerk.  Passed 233-21 (Motion by Lea Anderson)

  • Motion by Linda Segal to amend article to add “subject to revision at next Town Meeting” failed 80-183
  • Motion by Alan Reiss to change Town Clerk’s salary to $77,020 failed 62-210
  1. Non-Medical/Recreational Marijuana Moratorium – Zoning Bylaw Amendment.  Failed, 185-109 (did not achieve 2/3 majority required).  Motion by Sarah Greenaway

  2. Authorize Local Voting Rights for Permanent Resident Aliens Residing in Wayland.  Passed 199-90.  Motion by Mary Antes

  3. Library Construction Grant Application: Acceptance of Preliminary Design and Procedural Authorizations.  Passed 202-91.  Motion by Aida Gennis

  4. Authorize Acquisition of an Access and Utility Easement at 89 Stonebridge Road.  Passed 170-12.  Motion by Woody Baston

  5. Street Acceptance.  Motions by Ira Montague

  • Dylan’s Circle:  Passed 160-20
  • Summer Lane: Passed 154-29
  1. Limited Site Plan Review – Exempt Uses.
  • Mike Lowery proposed an amendment to delete the phrase “and excessive light pollution” from (d), failed 88-98
  • Main motion by Dan Hill passed 180-16.
  1. Preservation of Historically Significant Buildings Through Demolition Delay.  Failed, 98-99.  Motion by Elisa Scola

Articles Completed on Monday, April 3

  1. Community Preservation Fund General Budget – Set Asides and Transfers.  Motion by Gretchen Schuler.
  • Motion 1 passed 120-9
  • Motion 2 passed 129-14
  1. Appropriate Funds to Restore Mellen Law Office and Cochituate Town Clock.  Motion by Elisa Scola.
  • Motion 1 passed 158-23.
  • Motion 2 passed 167-27
  1. Appropriate Funds to Hire a Housing Consultant.  Passed 172-46.  Motion by Susan Weinstein

  2. Appropriate Funds to Construct Athletic Field at Oxbow Meadows.

  • Motion by Amanda McLean to pass over the article until there is an environmental assessment. Motion to terminate debate by Gordon Cliff passed 259-24. Amendment failed 70-235.
  • Motion to terminate debate on main motion by Lou Russell passed 262-52.
  • Passed 252-64. Article argued by Frank Krasin (main motion by Gretchen Schuler?)
  1. Appropriate Funds to Construct ADA Trails and Signs at Dudley Woods.  Passed 174-43.  Motion by Gretchen Schuler.

  2. Appropriate Funds to Restore/Replace Windows of First Wayland High School, Now Known as Bradford Hall.  Passed 155-59.  Motion by Elisa Scola

  3. Transfer Station Access Road Improvements.  Motion by Michael Lowery.

  • Adam Hirsh made a motion to break up the project to fund only the access road (approximately $500,000).  Carol Martin moves the question (passed 205-5).  Motion on amendment fails 33-177.
  • Main motion passed 180-26.
  1. Plastic Bag Reduction Bylaw.
  • Motion by petitioner Paul Dale.
  • Amendment proposed by Chris Brown to change ownership of enforcement to Selectmen, passed 195-8
  • Joe Nolan moved the question, motion to terminate debate passed 207-0
  • Article (as amended) passed 188-22
  1. Polystyrene Food Container Bylaw.  Passed 167-22.  Motion by Paul Dale

  2. Accept Gifts of Land

  3. Hear Reports

  4. Choose Town Officers .

  5. Sell or Trade Vehicles and Equipment

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