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Non-Profit Spotlight:
Yoga Reaches Out

Mission: to bring the yoga community together to create seva (selfless service). Through the gift of yoga, Yoga Reaches Out focuses on raising funds for organizations that impact the health, education, and well-being of children.

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Dog found on West Plain

Dog FoundThis dog was found in the area of west Plain Street today. To claim the dog, contact Wayland Animal Control at 508-358-3625


Found Cat: Black and white cat found on Ellen Mary Lane, Near Glezen

Missing CatThis cat has been hanging around a home on Ellen Mary Lane at night, probably attracted by the food for that home’s cat.  The home owner has been leaving out extra food for it, so it may continue to stay in that area.  If this is your cat, or if your recognize it, please contact Amy at 781-771-0187 (or by email at    [Note: this is not previously posted missing cats Sammy or Holly.]

Missing Cat: Sammie is a Black Cat with White face last seen near Cochituate Baseball Fields

sammySammie is a black cat with a white face. She was last seen on Quincy Rd near the Cochituate baseball fields. She is all black with white cheeks and a white bib. She is very shy and may skitter off when approached, but if you can get a hold of her, please do! She is probably hungry so might come to the rattle of food in a dish. If you spot Sammy, please call Jeanine at 781-710-9772

Cat Sighted: Possible missing cat seen on Boston Post Rd

BPR Cat FoundThis cat has been seen several times on Boston Post Rd (near White Rd/Old Connecticut Path). The cat is not wearing a collar. If you recognize the cat and know where it belongs, please contact Nachi at 617-817-2567.

Missing Cat: Orange tiger cat missing from Daymon Farms

StellaMissing Cat: one year old orange tiger cat missing from Daymon Farms neighborhood.  She is not an outdoor cat and likely starving.  She scares easily but is very lovable once in your arms.   Please contact Theresa with any information via email at or phone at 508-259-4757

SIGHTINGS: Parakeet near Dudley Pond, cat on Coolidge

parakeetSIGHTED:  A parakeet at a Castle Gate Rd birdfeeder.  A resident reports seeing a parakeet at her birdfeeder on Castle Gate Rd (near Dudley Pond).  If yours is missing, and you want information, please email Karen  or call her at 508-397-3475.

SIGHTED:  Long-haired brownish-black cat sighted on Coolidge Rd.  A resident reports seeing a smallish (9-10 pounds probably) solid colored brownish black cat on Coolidge Rd (near Plain Rd and rail trail).  If this might be yours, and you want information, contact


LOST CAT: Bruin is missing from his Oxbow Rd home

Bruin1Bruin is a male, indoor cat, and he has been missing since Thursday, October 1.  He is all-black and is a domestic shorthair, 9 years old.  He is declawed (just the front paws). He is about 15 lbs and really shy.  He lives at 4140 Oxbow Road. An indoor cat, he does not wear any tags, and has never gotten out before.   If you have any information on Bruin, please contact Vanessa via cell at 413.320.3203, or via email at