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Disclosure: Waylandenews Executive Director Kim Reichelt is a member of the Wayland School Committee


Non-Profit Spotlight:
Sudbury-Wayland-Lincoln Domestic Violence Roundtable

Sudbury-Wayland-Lincoln Domestic Violence Roundtable is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization of men and women incorporated in 1999. The goal of the Roundtable is to raise awareness about the issue of domestic violence through community education and networking and to improve the coordination between public and private services for victims and families touched by domestic violence.

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WHS’ Tri-M Music Honor Society was honored as the Grand Prize Winner of the 2018 Tri-M National Chapter challenge.

WHS’ Tri-M Music Honor Society was honored as the Grand Prize Winner of the 2018 Tri-M National Chapter challenge.  See

From the challenge’s website:

“This year’s Chapter Challenge ran from March 1 – March 31, in coordination with Music In Our Schools Month®.

Since 2011, Give A Note Foundation has conducted national awareness campaigns and raised funds to support and strengthen music education programs across the U.S, has reached more than 45,000 students and given over $1.2 million in grants to music education programs.

The top three schools that raised the most funds will receive:
– Recognition on the Tri-M® Music Honor Society and Give A Note Foundation websites and social media channels
Limited edition Radio Disney Tri-M t-shirts for the whole chapter
– An Orangewood guitar
– The top fundraising school will also receive an ARDY statuette, as seen on the Radio Disney Music Awards, to display at their school.”

WHS’ Tri-M Chapter fundraised for the Give-a-Note foundation through a benefit concert held at WHS on February 12, 2018. Advisor Susan Memoli and student Tri-M officers primarily assisted with the organization of the concert.

Wayland student selected as Massachusetts Journalist of the Year finalist

Wayland Town Crier 4/17/18: Wayland student selected as Massachusetts Journalist of the Year finalist. Isabel Gitten, a senior at Wayland High School and Wayland School Press Network Co-Editor-in-Chief, was selected as one of two finalists in the 2018 Massachusetts Journalist of the Year high school competition sponsored by the Journalism Education Association.

Wayland High School announces Scholastic Art and Writing Award Winners

Wayland High School is pleased to announce that several of their students were recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards this year. Sophomore Amelia Ao was awarded 3 gold keys and 4 Silver keys in the categories of Drawing and Illustration, Mixed Media, Poetry and Personal Essay/Memoir. Senior Shaelee Comettant was awarded 2 silver keys in the Drawing and Illustration and Short Story categories. Senior Natalie Hsu was awarded 3 Gold Keys in Painting, Drawing and Illustration and 3 Silver keys in Painting, Digital Art and for her Art Portfolio. Hsu’s piece “Intrication” went on to win a Silver Medal at the National level, competing against Gold key winners from across the country. Sophomore Yana Lipnesh was awarded a gold and silver key in Drawing and Illustration and an honorable mention in photography. Senior Fiona McHarg was awarded an honorable mention in Photography. Junior Shuyu Zhang was awarded a gold key and 3 honorable mentions in Painting. Junior Mae Zhang was awarded a silver key in Photography. Junior Sarah Zhang was awarded an honorable mention in Photography. Junior Nathan Zhao was awarded 2 gold keys and 2 silver keys for writing in the categories of Criticism and Journalism.

With their shared tradition of stewardship of the arts, the SMFA at Tufts and the Boston Globe partnered to present this year’s Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards program has been part of The Boston Globe’s commitment to the community for decades, and to the development, education, and well-being of young people in Massachusetts. The Scholastic program introduces the Boston community to a new generation of young artistic talent and is just one of the many ways the Globe and its audience of readers support local talent.

Diverse service experiences for Weston and Wayland students

Wayland Town Crier 3/14/18: Diverse service experiences for Weston and Wayland students. The Rotary Rising Youth Leadership Award winners for February, Robert Mosher of Weston and Rohini Ramesh of Wayland, impressed Rotarians with the variety and depth of their commitments to service.

Nominations sought for 2018 Annual High School Community Service Awards

2018 Annual High School Community Service Awards honor HS students who do 50 hours or more of Community Service.

You can nominate a friend, a student, your child, or yourself! This includes all WHS students, and Wayland residents who attend independent high schools.

Please join us at the HS Community Service Awards Ceremony Tuesday, May 8, 2018 7:00 pm Wayland High School Main Stage

Sponsored by Wayland High School and Wayland Youth and Family Services

Questions: Dossie Kahn, Wayland Youth & Family Services, 508-358-4293,

Flyer online here: 2018 community service award flyer

Wayland Woman Wins Middlesex District Attorney’s Award

Wayland Patch 12/29/17: Wayland Woman Wins Middlesex District Attorney’s Award. Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan announced this week that Aliya Khalidi, of Wayland, hiring coordinator and director of training, was the recipient of the 2017 Middlesex District Attorney’s Award.

Wayland to send 25 musicians to Eastern District Senior Music Festival

Wayland sent 56 students to audition for our Eastern District Senior Music Festival this past weekend at Milton High School. Despite stiff competition in the district, 25 Wayland High School students were selected to and will be representing Wayland at the festival in January. Of those 25 members, 13 scored high enough in their sections to earn and All State recommendation (indicated by *). These students are now eligible to audition for MA All-State Music Festival.

WHS 2018 Senior District Festival Members:
Samantha Baron, orchestra
Andrew Briasco-Stewart, band
Clarissa Briasco-Stewart, orchestra
Daniel Cai, chorus
Rachel Chau*, orchestra
Kara Chuang, band
Jen Curran, chorus
Julia de los Reyes*, orchestra
Will Gardner, chorus
Sid Iyer*, chorus
McKenna Kelemanik*, band
Rebecca Patsenker*, chorus
Connor Rader, orchestra
Dylan Rader*, orchestra
Matias Salama, chorus
Megan Sin, orchestra
Elizabeth Strehle, chorus
Andy Wang*, chorus
Jesse Wang*, orchestra
Tristan Wolff*, orchestra
Jack Wuerfl, chorus
Kanming Xu*, orchestra
Sarah Zhang*, orchestra
Alex Zhong*, orchestra
Alex Zhu*, orchestra