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Sudbury-Wayland-Lincoln Domestic Violence Roundtable

Sudbury-Wayland-Lincoln Domestic Violence Roundtable is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization of men and women incorporated in 1999. The goal of the Roundtable is to raise awareness about the issue of domestic violence through community education and networking and to improve the coordination between public and private services for victims and families touched by domestic violence.

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Judge sides with Wayland over Glezen Lane/Rte. 27 turning restrictions

Wayland Town Crier 4/21/17: Judge sides with Wayland over Glezen Lane/Rte. 27 turning restrictions. A superior court judge has sided with the town in a disagreement with several residents over how the Glezen Lane/Rte. 27 intersection is configured.

In a March 27 decision, Justice Helene Kazanjian found that permanently restricting certain turns at the intersection would make the town less safe. The town does not have to follow a section of an agreement with a group of residents pertaining to prohibiting traffic from turning left from Glezen Lane onto Rte. 27 or right from Rte. 27 onto Glezen Lane, she wrote.

[Note: That ruling is online here: 2017 April Glezen Ruling]

Dispute continues over turn restrictions at Glezen Lane



Wayland Town Crier 3/17/16: Dispute continues over turn restrictions at Glezen Lane. Despite a deadline of March 11 for the reinstatement of turn restrictions at the corner of Glezen Lane and Old Sudbury Road (Rte. 27), the date has come and gone, and the signs have not reappeared. The town is still embroiled in legal action about whether or not it has to abide by a settlement agreement calling for the turn restrictions as well as speed bumps and structural changes to the intersection made a decade ago with 13 residents of Glezen Lane who were concerned about increased traffic due to the Town Center development.

Controversial turn restrictions could return on Wayland road

Wayland Town Crier 2/3/16: Controversial turn restrictions could return on Wayland road. Unless a 2006 settlement between the town and 13 residents of Glezen Lane is overturned, controversial turn restrictions at the western end of the road will be reinstated on March 11 after a court-ordered six-month hiatus to allow the town to conduct a traffic study.

Glezen Lane Traffic Study results released

Town of Wayland 12/10/15: Follow-up Glezen Lane Traffic Assessment Now Available.   Findings of the study and recommendations are:


As the Town’s professional engineering firm and traffic engineering peer reviewer, TEC has been involved in most traffic-related permitting and design discussions related to the Project. Using this extensive project history, as well as other assignments for the Town of Wayland over the past decade, TEC can reasonably conclude the following:

  1. The trip generation estimates for the Project was conservatively prepared. The actual post-occupancy traffic volumes are significantly lower than anticipated.
  2. The trip distribution to and from Glezen Lane and the adjacent neighborhoods is significantly lower than originally estimated.
  3. The 2015 daily and peak hour traffic data for Glezen Lane shows a reduction when compared to the 2006 traffic data used in the Project’s permitting documents.
  4. There are no identifiable, measurable traffic-related impacts related to the Project. Although the overall traffic trends have dropped, there are some minor increases in certain traffic movements, but they are more appropriately tied to other regional developments in Sudbury or other areas to the northwest and are not tied to the


  • Seek a permanent suspension of the terms of the settlement agreement to remove all turn restrictions at the intersection of Route 27 / Glezen Lane (Town Counsel / Board of Selectmen);
  • Suspect the traffic volume data collection activities that were performed by Town DPW staff, and summarized by the Plaintiff;
  • Cease current activities related to the final design and permitting for physical medications to the intersection of Old Sudbury Road / Glezen Lane

Judge grants temporary reprieve at Wayland intersection

Boston Globe 9/2/15: Judge grants temporary reprieve at Wayland intersection. A Middlesex Superior Court judge has ruled that the town of Wayland may lift the turning restrictions at Route 27 and Glezen Lane — for a little while, at least. The decision marks the latest chapter in a contentious debate about the intersection, where turning has been restricted during certain hours, much to the dismay of many residents in the neighborhood. Middlesex Superior Court Judge Kimberly S. Budd issued a decision on Aug. 26 granting the town temporary relief from the restrictions for up to 180 days so it can conduct a traffic study.

Wayland Town Center Gift Funds authorized for road study

Wayland Town Crier 8/13/15: Wayland Town Center Gift Funds authorized for road study. The Board of Selectmen recently authorized spending $17,000 from the Town Center Gift Funds for an existing conditions survey and final design for the intersection of Glezen Lane and Old Sudbury Road.

Rethinking restrictions on Glezen Lane in Wayland

Wayland Town Crier 8/21/14: Rethinking restrictions on Glezen Lane in Wayland. The Board of Selectmen plans to host a forum on the turn restrictions on Glezen Lane imposed six years ago due to increased traffic flow from Town Center. After the special permit decision for the Town Center was issued in early 2008, Town Counsel Mark Lanza explained that 13 Glezen Lane households appealed the action. The outcome was a court order to restrict turns on and off the road in various directions and at various times. Speed bumps have also been installed, and the police are required to conduct periodic enforcement. For residents on the western end of Glezen Lane, the result has meant considerable inconvenience in trying to go to and from destinations in the main part of town, with numerous complaints from these residents to the Board of Selectmen and Wayland Police.