The movie “Girlfriend”, shot in Wayland, needs your help

The motion picture GIRLFRIEND, written and directed by Wayland High grad Justin Lerner (class of ’98), was shot entirely in Wayland during September and October 2009. Evan Sneider, also Wayland High class of ’98, turns in a stellar performance as a person with Down Syndrome who helps a young single mom (played by Shannon Woodward of the TV series “Raising Hope”) through financial difficulties and her struggles with a greasy ex-boyfriend played by Jackson Rathbone of the “The Last Airbender” and the “Twilight” series of movies. Not only is Evan spectacular in this feature length movie but cinematographer, Quyen Tran, exquisitely captures the beauty of Wayland in many of her shots. GIRLFRIEND had a critically acclaimed debut at the Toronto Film Festival in September of 2010. As a first venture indie film, GIRLFRIEND now needs to raise funds to put it into distribution. Any person who wants to see Wayland and a number of its people who appear as supporting actors and extras on the big screen, please go to and make a small donation to the cause. Wayland public officials and business people were extraordinarily supportive during the shooting of GIRLFRIEND. Now the film needs additional support to get it into distribution.

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