Tears, Laughter, Memories Shared During Memorial for Lauren Astley

Wayland Patch 7/16/11: Tears, Laughter, Memories Shared During Memorial for Lauren Astley. It took more than two churches, one of which could accommodate about 900 people, to seat the hundreds of mourners who came to pay their respects, support one another and reminisce about Lauren Dunne Astley during a memorial service in her honor of July 16. First Parish Unitarian Universalist of Wayland quickly filled to capacity with family and friends of Malcolm Astley and Mary Dunne, Lauren Astley’s parents. And Trinitarian Congregational Church across the street reached its maximum soon after, leading many people to settle into the shady cool under the trees at the side of First Parish. Astley’s father, Malcolm, said during the planning of the service that it was being done with an eye toward “illuminat[ing] what is good and lively and important to Lauren.” The service, full of songs, words from friends and recordings of Lauren Astley’s own performances and even moments of laughter, seemed to accomplish just that.

Description of the service

Slideshow of images from outside service

Video report from Wayland Patch:

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