10 Ways to Optimize Your Life Starting Tomorrow, March 2 at Sandy Burr

“10 Ways to Optimize Your Life Starting Tomorrow
Sandy Burr Country Club
Thursday, March , 7-9:30pm

Are you often overwhelmed by physical or emotional clutter?  Do the pressures of “Pinterest style” parenting freak you out?  Do you often feel that the only way for you to become/stay successful is to do more?  Do you regularly put aside your own goals and interests to accommodate the interests and schedules of other people?  This is all totally normal. And the great news is, you can do something about it!  Join us for an evening of conversation with Christine Koh, co-author of Minimalist Parenting and co-host of the Edit Your Life podcast.  Christine will share her top tips to help you edit your life and make room for the things you care about and be on point to answer your burning questions!


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