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Disclosure: Waylandenews Executive Director Kim Reichelt is a member of the Wayland School Committee


Non-Profit Spotlight:
Sudbury-Wayland-Lincoln Domestic Violence Roundtable

Sudbury-Wayland-Lincoln Domestic Violence Roundtable is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization of men and women incorporated in 1999. The goal of the Roundtable is to raise awareness about the issue of domestic violence through community education and networking and to improve the coordination between public and private services for victims and families touched by domestic violence.

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The spaces within, what the proposed new library offers

Submitted by the Board of Library Trustees

Wayland’s proposed new library is a light-filled building with a wide variety of meeting and gathering spaces, designed to connect people with ideas and with each other The new building holds a variety of areas for reading, working, learning, and connecting with neighbors and friends–– each designed with the flexibility to meet present and future needs

Those who seek a quiet, contemplative spot will have a variety of options. Living-room–style seating will accommodate those who want to curl up and read. Residents who come for individual work, tutoring, or group projects will find spaces Wayland has never been able to offer: individual study rooms, small-group rooms of different sizes, and a dedicated quiet reading room

Our new community room, with space to seat 100, will have natural light, good acoustics and sight lines, state of the art presentation technology, and space for art exhibits.  This spacious, well-equipped room, which can be secured from the rest of the library for use after hours, will be home to enhanced library programming. We will have the space to come together, share ideas, and promote community involvement through lectures, classes, and other events.

A midsize conference room will welcome book groups, community organizations, and others who want to work together. A café area will serve as a conversation and meeting space.

A technology room will host computer classes, individual computer work, and creative exploration with various technologies. This room is envisioned as a flexible “maker” and innovation space for residents of all ages and as additional meeting or instructional space.

Upstairs, young people will have their own spacious rooms to call “home.” The children’s room will have a play area, child-accessible stacks, reading and work areas for school-aged children, a crafts room for many activities, a family restroom, and comfortable seating for adults. Next door, the teen room will have a mix of comfortable seating and tables for quiet reading, group study, and socializing, plus a flexible space for “maker” activities.

5 Concord Road remains a beautiful, iconic building with many possibilities for the town, but the 19th-century facility cannot meet 21st-century library needs. It is time to take advantage of state grant funds and invest in a contemporary library for today and the future of our town.




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