Wayland Weekly Flower – Forsythia Wreath

A wreath of Forsythia from 396 Old Connecticut Path (Route 126) in Wayland.   The location is just south of where the Hultman Aqueduct crosses Route 126.  Forsythia is the true harbinger of spring and it flowers before any of its leaf foliage emerges.

If you believe it is still a little too early for the Forsythia to bloom you are correct. This wreath is actually a nice imitation made of plastic flowers.  Although the residents of this location have some of the oldest and nicest Forsythia in town, they like to get a few weeks jump on spring by first putting out imitation Forsythia.  Return back to Wayland weekly flowers in a few weeks for a picture of the real golden Forsythia blooms at this location.

Forsythia is genus name of a group of flowering trees which are members of the olive family (Oleacea).   Another, lesser used, common name for Forsythia is the Easter Tree.  Although a very hungry deer will eat almost any vegetation, Forsythia is generally thought of as deer resistant.

Return here every week to warm up to a picture of flowers from somewhere in Wayland.  Perhaps learn a bit about flowers, and different places in Wayland.  If you see note worthy flowers in Wayland, please contact the author at waylandweeklyflower@gmail.com

Submitted by Duane Galbi


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