Update from the Town of Wayland on EEE Spraying

Update on EEE spraying in Wayland 091619

We would like to update you regarding the Town of Wayland’s risk mitigation plan for the mosquito borne Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) virus. The MDPH and Massachusetts Department of Agriculture Resources completed aerial spraying in Wayland as of September 15th.

Beginning, at dusk today, Monday September 16th through the 20th dependent on weather, the Town has arranged for The East Middlesex Mosquito Control Project, a Massachusetts Trust Agency, to treat Wayland’s public roads via truck mounted spraying with Anvil 10+10 ULV, the same pesticide being used by the State. East Middlesex will also treat vegetated perimeter areas of playing fields via manual backpack spraying using the pesticide Mavrik Perimeter; those areas include Alpine, Town Building, Cochituate, Riverview and the Hannah Williams Playground, as well as the perimeter of fields/playgrounds at each of our five schools and The Children’s Way Preschool. Manual backpack spraying targets the perimeter areas of vegetation and wooded areas that surround the fields/playgrounds. Spraying onto fields and playgrounds will not be performed as mosquitoes do not reside in these open areas. There is no need for special precautions to be taken following spraying. However, we caution people to remain indoors during the evening/night when spraying is taking place. The field and school areas have been posted and will be posted for 72 hours after the treatments. Information about the products used can be found on the Town website.

Spraying will reduce the mosquito populations, and help reduce the risk of disease however, it does not eliminate the risk. The most effective way for individuals to reduce their risk of mosquito bites (and therefore exposure to EEE infected mosquitos) is to wear protective clothing and apply insect repellent at all times when outdoors, until there is a hard frost.

Avoid mosquito bites and check your yard:

During any outdoor activities, wear long sleeves, pants and socks. Insect repellent with DEET should be applied outdoors according to the product label. Applications vary by product but we encourage you to wear the product that requires the least amount of applications throughout the day. If participating in outdoor physical activities or if the weather is warm/hot additional applications may be required. Check your yard for items that may hold standing water and empty them out, take measures to prevent untreated pools from becoming a mosquito breeding area.

We advise that you limit or eliminate all outdoor activities between 6pm and 8am. These are times when the mosquito population is highest and most active and being indoors helps to reduce the risk of mosquito bites. Avoid areas where mosquitoes are abundant such as wooded places, wet areas, or areas with still water until after the first hard frost.

Additional information regarding the EEE risk in Wayland, the products being used in the spraying, and personal protection measures against mosquito bites can be found on the Town Health Department website at www.wayland.ma.us/health-department


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