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Town of Wayland COVID-19 Update: Wear Masks When Conducting Essential Business

To: All Residents
From: Board of Selectmen
Date: April 20, 2020 at 11:30 am
Re: COVID-19: Wear Masks When Conducting Essential Business

The Board of Selectmen joins the Board of Health in strongly recommending that residents wear facial coverings (e.g., mask, scarf, or bandana) when it is necessary to leave home and enter into areas where you may encounter other individuals, especially indoors (e.g., shopping areas and restaurants offering take-out service). On April 17, 2020, the Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to support the Board of Health’s recommendation, which echoes the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health specifying that masks should be worn while conducting essential business such as grocery shopping and visiting the pharmacy. Wearing a facial covering is also an important reminder to maintain social distancing to reduce the chance of coming into contact with individuals who may be infected with COVID-19. It is critical to remember that not all people who are infected with the virus exhibit symptoms. We also strongly advise continued hand washing, using hand sanitizer, and avoiding touching your face. During this stay at home advisory, you should refrain from interacting in person with anyone who does not live within your own household.

Most Recent Updates:

Health Department Coronavirus Hotline: (508) 358-6805
For residents experiencing symptoms, concerns about exposure and seeking health information specific to COVID-19.
The Wayland Board of Health (BOH) continues to urge all residents and businesses to self-report any COVID-19 symptoms to the Town and your primary care physician.
Such reporting is critically important to assist with the Town’s case tracing and to maintain awareness of all COVID-19 cases in Wayland, whether residents or business employees. The Health Department strictly maintains patient confidentiality on this and all health matters.

All residents should evaluate their own health and determine if they are feeling mildly ill with a head cold, headache, “sniffles”, congestion, cough and/or experiencing any CDC identified symptoms of COVID-19, which include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. COVID-19’s symptoms mimic the seasonal flu or a bad cold. If you or anyone in your family has any symptoms of being ill, we advise you to stay quarantined at home and follow up with the Health Department and your primary care physician as needed.

For General Help & Town Information: (508) 358-7701
If you need help with basic life necessities such as obtaining food or medications, please call 508-358-7701. The Town will provide assistance.

Youth and Family Services provides help with emotional support or mental health services at 508-358- 4293.
For immediate mental health services, call Psychiatric Emergency Services, in Framingham, at (800) 640-5432

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