COVID -19 Relief Fund

A question many of us have asked over the last five months of the pandemic is, “What can I do to help?  I really want to do something!”  Because of COVID-19 restrictions, finding ways to help that are safe for others as well as ourselves is challenging.  Donating to the Town of Wayland’s COVID-19 Relief Fund is one safe and effective way to help others.  Over the last 21 weeks, the Relief Fund has been used to purchase grocery items for as many as 20 households a week, a total of 354 deliveries.

Each week, families make a list of grocery items they need—from milk to macaroni, turkey burger to toilet paper, black beans to bananas.  Volunteers, including Town staff, transport the food to the Town Building, where other volunteers, ranging from high school students to seniors, wipe down and pack the groceries and then deliver the food.  To be added to the list of volunteers, please email

The need has changed over the weeks as some families are now comfortable doing their own shopping or have learned to use a grocery delivery service.  Some families have volunteered or even donated to the Relief Fund as their circumstances change.  However, if you need food assistance, either acquiring food or paying for it, please call 508-358-7701.\

Please consider making a donation to this fund if you are able.  Checks made out to the Town of Wayland Covid-19 Relief Fund can be mailed to 41 Cochituate Road.  Donations can be made online at  This will take you directly to the City Hall Payment System website.  Click on the Municipality dropdown menu, select Wayland, and then click on the “Click here to view or pay your bills” button.  On that page select “Donation” from the bill type list on the left.  On the next screen, click on the Wayland Covid-19 Relief Fund, and fill in the amount you wish to donate, your name, mailing address, and click on “Add to Cart.”

To date 87 donations totaling over $21,750 have been contributed.  The fund got a strong start with food donations from the Cochituate Troop 1 Boy Scouts and the financial generosity of Wayland Youth Lacrosse families who donated registration fees from their cancelled spring season.  Roughly half of the funds have been spent to date.

While making a donation may not be as personally satisfying or an activity the whole family can participate in, giving money works.  It provides the Town with the resources to buy food for families in Wayland who need it and it supports our local grocery stores as well.

The Covid-19 Relief Fund is a temporary fund.  Once the need ends, any money remaining will be divided between the Wayland Community Fund and the Friends of the Wayland Council on Aging.  The Wayland Community Fund provides assistance to those who are facing short-term financial difficulties.  The fund pays vendors directly for basic needs such as utilities, rent, medical bills, and other living expenses.  The Friends of the Wayland Council on Aging raises money to supplement and support COA programs and services.


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