WayCAM Remembers: Ken Isaacson

Ken Isaacson’s obituary is online here

WayCAM Remembers:
Ken Isaacson
6/14/1945 to 8/30/2020

WayCAM’s staff and our Board of Directors sadly bring this sad news to our community that Ken Isaacson passed away on August 30, 2020. We remember how much Ken gave to our organization and the impact he had on the Community of Wayland.

We will miss him greatly and we send our deepest sympathies to his family.

  • Ken became a volunteer for WayCAM, the Towns PEG Access studio in 2004.
  • Ken believed in WayCAM and what it could do for the Community and joined our board of directors in November 2005.
  • Ken again volunteered for his community by joining the Town’s Cable Advisory Committee (CAC), which handles the contract negotiations between the Town and Comcast. He stayed on this board until 2006 when his position then changed, becoming the liaison between WayCAM and the CAC.
  • Ken became the President of WayCAM’s Board of Directors in November 2008, serving until November of 2014. “Ken, was my mentor and a friend to me, I learned so much from him during those years. Ken’s strong leadership saw WayCAM through some very tough times when our studio was beingtorn down and rebuilt at the new High School in 2010.” – Jim Mullane
  • Ken retired from our board in 2014, when he decided to become a producer; he became one of our best producers, creating the series, “Wayland Weekly Buzz” starting in October 2015, with discussions on local Government issues.
  • Ken was honored in 2015 that he would be in the 1 st issued book of “Legendary People of Wayland’ featuring all that he had done for WayCAM and his community.
  • In 2019 Ken decided to again be WayCAM’s advocate, by joining the newly appointed CAC for the negotiations for the Town of Wayland with Comcast.
  • Ken had just finished the 152nd program of “Wayland Weekly Buzz” on 8/28/20. He will be missed greatly by his audience and production crew.

Sincerely, from WayCAM’s Staff: Jim Mullane, Mark Foreman, Robbie Bullard, and Ryan Keaveney
WayCAM’s Board of Director’s:  Alan Mandl, Connie Burgess, Jonathan Ward, Elaine Donnelly, Nora Rothschild and Mary Barber


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