Learn How to Support Survivors of Domestic Violence

The Sudbury-Wayland-Lincoln Domestic Violence Roundtable invites you to join us at our October meeting. This gathering will feature staff from REACH Beyond Domestic Violence leading a discussion entitled “What to Do, What to Say.”  The meeting will take place via Zoom on Tuesday October 13, 2020.

REACH’s “What to Do, What to Say” community training increases participants’ knowledge and skills. As friends and family, we all have the potential to play a unique role in supporting survivors of domestic violence.

This 1-hour workshop will review warning signs and patterns of abusive relationships, identify available resources, and develop the skills of friends, family, and neighbors to support loved ones in their lives.

Registration is required and can be completed by visiting the Roundtable’s website at https://www.domesticviolenceroundtable.org

Please note, the meeting will be recorded. Those who wish to not be viewed in the recording are encouraged to turn off their video. We will hide those with videos turned off from the recording. Folks are also welcome to change their name for the meeting. We will review how to hide video and change one’s name at the start of the meeting.
For questions, please email us at infodvrt@gmail.com.


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