Vote by Mail Ballot Update

Town Clerk, Town of Wayland 9/24/20: Vote by Mail Ballot Update. Many voters are calling to inquire about when they will receive their ballots for the November 3rd election. At this point, the State has approved the ballots for printing and the presses are rolling. With 351 cities and towns in the Commonwealth, it is very difficult for the state to forecast when 550 unique ballots will be printed in varying quantities totaling to more than six million and then delivered to 351 different locations. Wayland expects to receive ballots by October 5 and no later than October 9th. The Clerk’s Office will begin mailing ballots out to voters as soon as they are received. When you do receive your ballot, please consider returning it as soon as possible to one of the two secure drop boxes in town, outside the Public Safety Building and in vestibule of Town Hall.

The Clerk’s Office continues to receive numerous duplicate requests for a vote by mail ballot. Voters who want to know whether the Clerk’s Office has received their application for a vote by mail ballot can check Track My Ballot (the link is on the Clerk’s webpage). If the word “pending” appears next to the November 3rd election, the Clerk’s Office has received an application from the voter.


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