Participate in the Six-Week COVID-19 State Subsidized Pooled Testing Program

NEW Enrollment & Consent Forms, Payment Due
We are excited to announce that the Wayland Public Schools will start its state-subsidized pooled testing program the week of Feb 22nd. You must enroll, consent and pay, even if you have previously enrolled.
Enroll, Consent and Pay on the WPS Testing Site:
The program will be available to all K-12 students and school staff. Although this program is voluntary, we believe regular testing will help sustain in person learning and make our community safer. We hope you will participate. There is a fee of $32 per student to participate which will cover incremental costs not covered by the state such as personnel, PPE, transportation of samples, etc. Up to 100% financial aid is available. There is no cost for school staff; donations previously collected will cover the cost for staff, as well as families needing financial assistance.
Per the MA Department of Public Health, anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 90 days may not participate in the pooled testing program.
For more information on the testing process, please see page 2 of the letter from Dr. Unobskey emailed on February 5 and/or visit the FAQ section of the website (url above).

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