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Disclosure: Waylandenews Executive Director Kim Reichelt is a member of the Wayland School Committee
Non-Profit Spotlight:
Sudbury-Wayland-Lincoln Domestic Violence Roundtable

Sudbury-Wayland-Lincoln Domestic Violence Roundtable is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization of men and women incorporated in 1999. The goal of the Roundtable is to raise awareness about the issue of domestic violence through community education and networking and to improve the coordination between public and private services for victims and families touched by domestic violence.

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WaylandeNews was established in 2005.  Our mission is to provide news and information to Wayland, Massachusetts residents. We welcome editorial exchange. We encourage your participation.

Information on the individuals involved in running and overseeing the site is available here.

WaylandeNews was the recipient of an Unsung Heroes Award from Wayland Youth & Family Services in 2006. 

WaylandeNews' Unsung Hero Award