33 Variations

July 19, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Vokes Theatre
97 Boston Post Rd
Wayland MA
$19/Thur, Sun Mat; $22/Fri, Sat eve

In 33 Variations, Moises Kaufman overlays Beethoven’s obsession with writing numerous variations on a theme with the last years of the life of Beethoven scholar Dr. Katherine Brandt, as she seeks to understand why Beethoven was so captivated by this simple, undistinguished theme. In scenes that bounce between Beethoven’s time and the present, we glimpse both Katherine’s fascination and Herr Beethoven’s, as they each struggle against illness to complete their work. Katherine is aided by the Beethoven librarian in Bonn, and eventually by her daughter Clara, despite their strained relationship. On his side, Beethoven is assisted by his ever-trusty Anton as he deals with issues of health and of credit. It’s a twisted pretzel of a story that speaks to our relationships with music, ourselves, and each other​


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