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Push to save Mainstone Farm in Wayland

mainstone farmWayland Town Crier 4/1/16: Push to save Mainstone Farm in Wayland. At more than 200 acres (the largest tract of undeveloped open space in MetroWest), Mainstone Farm in Wayland rises gently from Old Connecticut Path between Rtes. 27/126 and 20, and offers incomparable views, sweeping vistas … and cows. The community has a chance to preserve this resource for generations to come with the acquisition of a permanent conservation restriction that will extinguish development rights on the property.

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Community Preservation Committee invites residents on Tours of Mainstone Farm

mainstone farmThe Community Preservation Committee will be conducting tours of Mainstone Farm in April, in conjunction with an article in the Wayland Annual Town Meeting, April 7, 2016, to appropriate funds to purchase a conservation restriction on Mainstone Farm.

The schedule is as follow:

  • April 1, 9:30, 10:30 and 11:30am. By Car: Meet at Town Building (Senior Center entrance from back parking lot) to join Community Preservation Committee and Conservation Commission members who will drive you to the farm. You may walk a bit or just stay seated, hear some of the history of the Farm and enjoy the view of the farmland that Wayland residents have the opportunity to preserve, through Article 30 at Town Meeting. Sign up for tours at the Council on Aging.
  • April 2, 10am and 1pm. By Foot: Meet at the Mainstone Farmstand on Old Connecticut Path near Forest Hill Road to enjoy the beautiful landscape while walking up the hill. It is likely to be muddy so wear appropriate foot wear.
  • April 3 at 1pm. By Foot: Meet at the Mainstone Farmstand on Old Connecticut Path near Forest Hill Road to enjoy the beautiful landscape while walking up the hill. It is likely to be muddy so wear appropriate foot wear.

The promotional flyer is available online here

Information on the Wayland Annual Town Meeting can be found online here

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Mainstone Farm: Wayland Hopes to Protect Slice of History

mainstone farmWayland Patch 3/16/16: Mainstone Farm: Wayland Hopes to Protect Slice of History. The gorgeous scenery of Mainstone Farm has been a part of Wayland’s identity for over 150 years and now residents have the chance to help preserve it for future generations. The Hamlen family, who has farmed the land since 1872, decided to sell the property’s development rights to Wayland in 2013. Residents can vote on the issue during the Annual Town Meetings starting April 7.

Wayland Mainstone Conservation Restriction

Nan Balmer, Wayland Town Administrator, and Lisa Vernegaard, Executive Director of Sudbury Valley Trustees (SVT), are pleased to announce that they have received a letter from the owners of Mainstone Farm expressing interest in working with the Town and with SVT to preserve the fields and woods that are Mainstone Farm on Old Connecticut Path and Rice Road.  The Hamlen family anticipates selling the development rights of about 210 acres of land in the form of a Conservation Restriction to the Town and SVT.  This means that the land would be permanently preserved from development while the family would retain ownership and stewardship responsibilities if this exciting opportunity can be brought to fruition.

The Hamlens realize that this will depend upon successful votes at Town Meeting for much of the funding, and an aggressive fundraising effort on the part of SVT.  This collaboration is a wonderful opportunity for the Town of Wayland and SVT to work together with two generations of Mainstone Farm owners to preserve this unique landscape.

Visits to the property will be planned in November for interested residents.