Candidates for 2020 Town Elections

Town Elections will be held on June 9, 2020. Candidates for Town offices who will be appear on the ballot are listed below. For more details on the Town Clerk’s page, click here.  Incumbents are marked with an (I). Contested races are listed in bold.

Links in the information below go to candidate websites.


Contested Races

Office Candidate
Board of Selectmen (two seats, three years): Cherry C. Karlson (I)
William Steinberg
David V. Watkins
School Committee (two seats, three years) Jeanne Downs (I)
Amanda Miles
Christopher Michael Ryan
Board of Public Works (one seat, three years) Duane E. Galbi
Robert Goldsmith
Recreation Commissioner (one seat, three years) Frank Krasin
Leanne D. Mason


League of Women Voters Candidates Night

Wayland Buzz Ask the Candidates –

Interviews with School Committee candidates by Nish Acharya:

Uncontested Races

Office Candidate
Moderator (one seat, three years): Dennis J. Berry (I)
Board of Assessors (two seats, three years) Philip David Parks
Massimo Taurisano
Planning Board (one seat, five years) Jennifer M. Steel (I)
Board of Health (two seats, three years) Susan Erica Green (I)
Arnold Soslow (I)
Commiss. of Trust Funds (one seat, three years) Nicole M. Cissell
Library Trustee (two seats, three years) Leah B. Hart (I)
Aida A. Gennis (I)
Housing Authority (one seat, five years) Susan Weinstein